Our small size transformers provide innovative solutions for your projects

The merger of established, solution-based transformer manufacturers has led to the emergence of an innovative-driven group which combines individual strengths and know-how to meet customer requirements. Although our core business remains the production of small and innovative power transformers, we are now able to offer our customers a wide range of products, from inductors to chokes, from windings to converters.

The merger enables each company to increase their technology, research and development capabilities. Despite its size, the group remains able to respond quickly and flexibly to your needs. Whatever you need, a high performing small size power transformer or more specific products, such as chokes, powers supplies, encapsulated transformers or current sensors, contact us, we will be happy to be your reliable partner for your projects.

Our company philosophy is not only a solution-based approach to any customer requirement but also organised synchronisation of the separate company units as well as keeping to lean structures to achieve market-leading growth.

Over the years, Manfred Schmelzer GmbH has become one of the leading companies for wound products and, small innovative transformers, and industrial products, for a wide range of applications. MS Schmelzer Transformers brings its expertise to the group. We provide a full range of services to our customers with integrated process and transparency.

The Techpower Electronics Group supports customer requirements along the entire production cycle. The service portfolio covers the production of transformers, small size and innovative transformers, encapsulated transformers, chokes, power electronics, power supplies, linear actuators, , current sensors and a multitude of other high-quality products to meet specific customer requirements. As a company, we are committed to the quality of our industrial products.

Our Company

Merging MANFRED SCHMELZER GmbH with the TECH POWER ELECTRONICS GROUP has created a leading company for transformer technology, coil products, and industrial products in the electrical sector whose operations span three continents. We are strongly committed to being a service provider making us a trusted and efficient partner with extensive process expertise and transparency which our customers can rely on. When required, we support customer projects along the entire production cycle: from the initial idea, consultancy, and detailed quotation through to development, prototypes and serial production.

In addition to manufacturing components to specific customer requirements, our range of services also include the manufacture of inductors, transformers, power electronics, power supply units, SMPS units, linear actuators, HF transmitters, coils and high-end complete modules and assemblies.


Rainer Jungk
Managing director MS SCHMELZER

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